DIY Scratch Tickets – interesting and fun product!

  • DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2)When someone mentions scratch tickets, people usually visualize one of the gambling games that don’t require any knowledge and where people can find out whether they have won something very quickly. Whilst it is true that some of them have won prizes, most of them were not that lucky. There is something interesting about scratching and peeling some surface that makes people excited and we are not talking only about the possibility to win some prize. It is in our nature to explore and to reveal hidden things and this is exactly what scratch tickets provide.
  • The good news is that now thanks to the advance of technology, you can create your own scratch tickets. Of course, you won’t have to start from zero because Iwiz Print, one of the best printing services in the world, is here to help you create your own DIY scratch tickets. With the help of these tickets you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed no matter how many times you scratch off the surface. Instead of spending money on lottery tickets that are usually worthless, you can have fun with your family, friends or even with your coworkers. Of course, some people use these DIY scratch tickets for pranks, but we leave this choice to you.
  • In the past, people had to find materials like paper, glue, back plastic, contact paper and other materials in order to create these tickets. Today, professional companies with years of experience in the field of printing like Iwiz print, can help you get the exact form of DIY scratch tickets you want.DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers
  • Iwiz Print has a team of professional designers that have already designed this type of tickets as you can see on the images. There are two options in which our professionals can help you. The first one is to send us your image and they will only refine it and print the ticket and the second is to tell your requirements and leave our team to find a solution. Of course, the solution will be sent for your approval so you don’t have to worry about anything. As you can see we have designed several different types of DYI scratch tickets. Some of them are similar to lottery tickets while others are more like greeting cards. It is up to you to choose the form that suits your needs the best.
  • When you get the DYI scratch tickets you will only need to place the foil on top of the area that you want to be hidden and that’s it! After that, you can send these tickets to your friends and relatives and show your creativity. It is very easy to order, create and deliver these DYI scratch tickets and you can be sure that they provide a lot of fun. Use them for April Fool’s pranks, birthday gifts, simple jokes or even for business promotion. The options are virtually limitless.
  • Iwiz Print guarantees that you will have high-quality DYI scratch ticket stickers in your hands!

DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2) DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2) DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickersDIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2)DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2) DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2) DIY_Scratch_ticket_stickers (2)

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