Questions about ordering

How does the transaction work?

  1. Place order and make the down payment.
  2. Send us the original document and printing requirements including the paper type, paper size, post-press finishing etc. by express mail,
  3. We make your printed products according to your design document and deliver them to you.

What printing specification details are required for a price quote?

When you are making an inquiry, please provide the information about the paper size, printing color, paper stock and quantity of the print product you want. If you need to print books or brochures, please tell us the number of pages and the binding.

How do you work out the printing price quote?

If you are not very familiar with printing procedures, please read the following flow which will help you fill in the quotation form quickly.
The process of printing can be divided into three stages: Pre-press stage, Printing stage and Post-press stage.

  • Pre-press stage:

The usual price standard is based on A4 size (if smaller or larger than A4 e.g. A3, it needs to be specified accurately for pricing).

  • Printing stage:

This stage is the key link of specifying the printing, and the pricing standard is for a 4 color run. If spot colors such as a Logo of an enterprise or gold, silver tooling are included, please note it, and the color will be increased from 4 colors to 5 or 6 colors.

  • Post-press stage:

This stage is the last step of the presswork. Please specify the bindery techniques you request, saddle stitch, glue or foldout (how much roll over), along with the finishing techniques you choose such as membrane-coating, UV-covering, die cutting, bronzing, sagging acreage and special wrapping and packing requirements.

The more specific and accurate each of the above-mentioned crafts is indicated, the more quickly and accurately our quotation will be made.

How long is the turnaround time for an order?

The turnaround time depends on the specifications of your printing order. Our production time is generally 3-8 business days, usually within 5 business days. Orders with post-press finishing such as membrane coating, binding, paperhanging, die cutting, bronzing, etc generally take more than 5 business days.

Can you provide a sample to let us confirm before mass production?

We are pleased to offer the sample, but the sample and delivery charges must be paid by the buyer before we make the sample. However, the charges can be deducted from the total cost of the order.

What should be paid attention to about the original document?

  • Please pay attention to the following points about your document.
  1. Please convert the text into paths in order that they can be correctly displayed.
  2. Please confirm all the folders especially the graphic ones included in your document in case of images unable to display or with low resolution. Therefore, make sure that necessary images with high resolution are in the document. (The picture resolution is no lower than 280 dips.
  3. Convert the color of the linked pictures from RGB to CMYK.
  4. Check the accuracy of the color when pantone spot colors are converted to CMYK. Slight differences generally exist after the operation. Although some of the pantone colors convert well to CMYK, process Pantone Colors do definitely not convert well. Therefore, the method of increasing spot colors should be applied to solve the problem.
  5. Please clearly specify the accurate size of the files, including the 3 mm bleeding.

How to pay?

  1. 1 .Please transfer (T/T or Paypal) the payment from your bank to our bank. 100% of the total payment should be paid in advance if the total amount is less than US $1000. Otherwise 50% of total payment should be paid by the buyer in advance with the balance paid before delivery.
  2.  If the total amount of your order exceeds US $60,000, sight draft payment method will be acceptable for us. For 30% of the total amount in advance, we will ship out the goods and send all of the shipping documents via our bank to your bank. You can pay and collect the shipping documents from your bank, and your bank will transfer the balance to our bank.

How available is the after-sales customer service?

Iwiz’s sales reps or customer service staff are always here when you need us. Your purchase can be reproduced or refunded if there are serious quality problems.

Our skills:

Paper printing
PVC/PET printing
Flexible package printing
Fabric printing

1.Products selection

A.Provide detailed pictures and materials to us and give us all the necessary information or requirements of the product you need

B.Send the samples to us directly


Our customer service reps will quote the price once we know all the detailed information about the products you need.

3.Samples making(Optional)

If necessary,we will make the samples for your confirmation after the quotation is confirmed by you

4.samples confirmation

Please give us feedback on the samples we made,so that we can correct,redesign and remake the samples until they are confirmed.

5.contract and production arrangement

Both parties sign the contract,you make the down-payment,we arrange the production and we confirm the shipment date.

6.Products inspection

If needed,you can inspect the goods by yourself,otherwise you can ask a third party to do it for you.

7.Delivery and shipment

We make the shipment to you after receiving your final payment.

Order Procedure