Embossing Printing In The Fashion World

  • Embossing printing refers to a printing technique in which a surface is raised above the rest of the level on a paper, fabric, leather or metal, so that it stands out from the surface as if it is produced by a stamp that pressed the print to the correct shape. This technique of printing is costlier than simple printing, but it gives a 3D effect to the printed surface. Many fabrics, paper, cards and other surfaces are embossed with prints to give them an expensive and luxurious look. When done on a fabric, it gives an instant new look to the apparel, making it much more beautiful and elegant than before.

How embossing printing is done?

  • Embossing printing creates an impression of some kind of decoration, design, pattern or lettering on surfaces like leather, cloth, metal or paper. In regular engraving or printing, imprints are left by pressing plates against the surface. But in embossing, the plate is pressed in such a way that the surface is raised above the level, giving a new dimension to the printed object.

How nice is embossing printing

  • Embossing is a sophisticated and elegant process in which the nature of the embossed material surface is changed altogether. Most of the times, it elevates the quality and standard of the product. For example, when a company’s logo is embossed on its respective product, the viewer is instantly informed that it is a high-profile product with elegant quality and finish. In other words, embossing printing makes any product much more beautiful than it originally is. A simple piece of paper can instantly becomes a piece of art worthy of praise.

Embossing printing

  • Until recently, embossing printing has become a popular technique among companies who want to stand out from their competition. Whether it is the packaging box, notebook, paper bag, gift box or any other product related to your company, we can do emboss printing on your surfaces, so that they become fashion on their own. Embossing printing adds an instant appeal to the products. Of course, how good the product looks entirely depends on the quality of printing done. Poor quality job will completely kill the entire appeal of the product. However, embossing done by our high quality, experienced professionals will make it positively breathtaking.
  • We widely do embossing printing for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. Our high-end emboss printing services, you can add elegance and sophistication to whatever product you produce or package.