• Kraft_paper bags_for_food_printing_logoThe first Kraft paper bags were used centuries ago. Soon after that, they were seriously threatened by the use of some other materials like plastics for example, However, thanks to the increased awareness about the importance of ecology and the use of natural materials, Kraft paper bags are getting very popular again. Kraft paper bags are made of natural ingredients which mean that they can decompose after a certain period of time leaving no harm to the nature.
  • In the recent period there are many people that use Kraft paper bags for food. That’s why Iwiz Print has decided to pay special attention to this product and we are now offering top quality Kraft paper bags specially designed for food. The bags that we produce are strong, noticeable and versatile. Our priority is to provide Kraft paper bags for food that are completely eco-friendly. This is something that can be viewed from two angles. The first one means that the bags we produce can decompose over time without polluting the environment which is something very important for our modern societies in which pollution has significantly affected our lives. The second advantage of using our bags is the fact that they keep the food protected from the influence of the storage space. Since they contain natural ingredients, the food carried in our bags is perfectly safe and you can rest assured that you are eating fresh and natural food. In addition, the food will be protected from all the external influences.Kraft_paper bags_for_food_printing_logo
  • As you can see from the images we provide Kraft paper bags with a unique design which includes a transparent area so you can see what the state of the food you are carrying is. This is very helpful for those planning to use these bags for business purpose. In this way they can showcase their product without leaving them unprotected and the buyers will know what exactly they are buying. Another great advantage of these bags for businesses is the fact that they can use their logo on the package. In other words, your business will be more visible and you will increase brand awareness among customers. You can add your own company’s logo or you can use the free space to mark the different products you produce and sell like fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, baked goods etc. The items found in these bags will be well-sealed and their shelf life prolonged as much as possible. Kraft paper bags are an excellent option for restaurants, bars, eateries and food delivery services. What is even more important this is a very inexpensive solution and you can be sure that you are getting the best price for such deal from Iwiz Print.
  • Remember that we have a team of designers that can help you with your designing efforts. So, you can just send the logo and we will do the rest or you can ask for advice and our designers will be glad to help you.

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