Ready for a Paper Playmate

Ready for a Paper Playmate? And what have we here? A Paper Doll Mate mini calendar, to be your companion at all times! A great decoration piece – looks good on the mantle, the dining table, and even in your cubicle at work. You can easily slip into your pocket and carry it along due…


Cute Cutouts Wave at You

Cute Cutouts Wave at You Digital calendars are fine, but every once in a while we need a good ol’ calendar on our desk, especially when it has such delightful themes! Bright and colorful cover picture – the white backdrop definitely highlights the endearing scenery. Unique design – features a cutout in the center with…

pocket_desk_calendar_manufacturer_Smart and_Dependable_Scheduler

Smart and Dependable Scheduler

Smart and Dependable Scheduler This particular piece is a must-have for everyone as it goes way beyond an ordinary calendar. Stand calendar doesn’t require any additional support – it is sturdy and can be put on any level surface. A perfect combination of a calendar, organizer, and decorative piece – it is the ultimate planner…


The Power of 3D Calendar Art

The Power of 3D Calendar Art Ready to get into the party mood? This calendar pulls it off beautifully! Cover features cute and attractive themes – a geek holding a huge sack of gifts on Christmas, playing with gifts, enjoying the snow, or watching TV! 3D art is used to make the cover image more…

custom_desk_calendar_ creative_weather_The_Weathercock_Calendar

The Weathercock Calendar

The Weathercock Calendar A calendar that tells you the date and weather at the same time? Yes it is quite true! Excellent space saver – featuring an extraordinary design, this calendar is perfect for people with area constraints. It is lightweight and compact – can be put on your bedside table, the coffee table, or…


Simplistic Stand Calendar

Simplistic Stand Calendar Do you need to look at your phone calendar every time there is an important event? What if you forget to set a reminder? A traditional desk calendar is a necessary even if it is the digital age! Made using premium quality paper that doesn’t tear off easily. Neat and effortless layout…


Say Hello to Cute Kitties

Say Hello to Cute Kitties Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This endearing calendar in the ever-popular premise is just what you need to brighten your day. Cover sheet features a cute picture of “Hello Kitties” snacking together – doesn’t it look sweet and remind you of childhood? Includes a holiday list of Hong Kong, China,…


A Charming Desk Calendar for All

A Charming Desk Calendar for All A calendar is a must-have for your desk, regardless of fancy calendar apps on every smartphone on the market! This piece is pretty cute, and greatly adds the fun element to its surroundings. Available in light blue and baby pink – cool and soothing shades to blend in with…


Custom Pocket desk calendar

Custom Pocket desk calendar There is no better method to keep an eye on your timetable than with a customised calendar. With a number of different styles of calendar to chose from, you are able to definitely find one that fits you. Select from desk calendars to wall calendars, you’ll always remember an essential date…


Mini Cute Desk Calendar

Mini Cute Desk Calendar Maintain your business’s brand name in the minds of important customers and clients all year with custom desk calendars. Imprint each calendar with your company’s logo, custom graphics or pictures, and give them out as promotional products that your customers will use daily. Themed designs enable you to produce desk calendars…