A Charming Desk Calendar for All

A calendar is a must-have for your desk, regardless of fancy calendar apps on every smartphone on the market! This piece is pretty cute, and greatly adds the fun element to its surroundings.

  • Available in light blue and baby pink – cool and soothing shades to blend in with all accents.
  • Conveniently sized – it doesn’t take up much room nor does it make the space look messy.
  • No need to stick post-its here and there – paste tiny reminder slips on the dates so you can remember important events, birthdays, meetings etc.
  • Sweet bunnies or adorable pandas? Take your pick from these delightful themes!
  • Sturdy spiral binding ensures sheets remain firmly fixed, unlike those stuck by glue, which weaken over time.
  • After each month has passed, simply roll over the sheet – no need to tear it off.

This calendar can make a great gift too – order now!