Say Hello to Cute Kitties

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This endearing calendar in the ever-popular premise is just what you need to brighten your day.

  • Cover sheet features a cute picture of “Hello Kitties” snacking together – doesn’t it look sweet and remind you of childhood?
  • Includes a holiday list of Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Malaysia all in one page.
  • A sticker sheet with various adorable Hello Kitty themed figures – stick them on smartphone covers, mirrors, computers – they are fabulous accessories and look funny!
  • High quality paper is used – the product is 100% genuine and doesn’t tear easily.
  • Spiral binding provides extra sturdiness and makes it easy to change the sheet after a month is over.
  • Compact and low-profile design – takes up less space on a table or desk.
  • No separate stand needed – just place it on an even surface.

Put it on your desk at home, or personalize your workstation at office – order now!