Smart and Dependable Scheduler

This particular piece is a must-have for everyone as it goes way beyond an ordinary calendar.

  • Stand calendar doesn’t require any additional support – it is sturdy and can be put on any level surface.
  • A perfect combination of a calendar, organizer, and decorative piece – it is the ultimate planner for every workspace.
  • The left side contains a normal calendar, featured in a neat layout with spiral framing on top, which makes it simple to change the month when required.
  • The right half with the pocket has multiple uses – stick in some dried flower ornamental items, store pens and pencils, put in car park slips and bills, or stick small pictures on it.
  • Want to remember someone’s birthday or anniversary? Mark it on the calendar and/or stick a post-it adjacent to it.
  • No place to keep your phone? Just place it inside the pocket.

A multi-functioning calendar – get ready to order!