The Power of 3D Calendar Art

Ready to get into the party mood? This calendar pulls it off beautifully!

  • Cover features cute and attractive themes – a geek holding a huge sack of gifts on Christmas, playing with gifts, enjoying the snow, or watching TV!
  • 3D art is used to make the cover image more striking and visually appealing.
  • Each sheet is designated for a particular month, with the previous and next months also printed on the same page.
  • Want to track birthdays and other occasions? Jot down reminders below the date or stick tiny post-its on it.
  • List of holidays included for convenience – no need to look online every time.
  • A to-do sheet for penning down important stuff – picking up dry cleaning, visiting the supermarket, etc.

This calendar can be gifted to both children and adults – each age group will enjoy and appreciate your gesture. Don’t forget to place your order immediately!