The Weathercock Calendar

A calendar that tells you the date and weather at the same time? Yes it is quite true!

  • Excellent space saver – featuring an extraordinary design, this calendar is perfect for people with area constraints.
  • It is lightweight and compact – can be put on your bedside table, the coffee table, or any other place, as it is relatively small in size.
  • Day, date, and month columns are separated – all you need to do is adjust them accordingly so they are in sync.
  • Is it a sunny day? Have you seen flashes of lightning today? Just change the “Weather” sheet depending upon the weather.
  • The backdrop on the front and back cover features abstract themes like cartoon figures, donuts with sprinkles, one-liners, random objects, etc.
  • This calendar is a great gift for friends or colleagues – looks cute, can be used for decoration, and is practical.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to order without delay.