Blister Packaging Supplier


  • Material:                                     PMMA(Acrylic), ABS, PS, PP, PE PVC, PET, PETG, etc.
  • Thickness:                                  0.2-3mm
  • Appearance:                              Transparent or Colored is available
  • Customized:                               width and length, thickness as customer request.


What information should we supply if we want a quotation?

  • The material you want to make blister packaging
  • Thickness of material
  • The drawing of blister packaging tray
  • If you don’t have drawing, please offer your product’s drawing, size, let us design a shape of blister tray for you
  • Qty you want.

How long you could prepare samples?

Normally 3-5 days if we have the sample in hand.
If customized one, about a week around.

How about batch order production?

Normally 3-15days or so

Do you inspect the finished products

Yes, We will do inspection according to ISO 9000 standard and ruled by our QC staff.

What advantage do you have?

We have professional engineer to support you good solution for your products and design and draw the drawing for your checking.

Blister packaging is a term used to describe a type of plastic packaging which is primarily used in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industry. There are many individuals that need this type of service because buying a machine that can produce this type of packaging is not worth the investment.
When it comes to pharmaceutical industry, this form of packaging is also known as unit-dose packaging. The main benefit of using blister packaging in this industry is the fact that users get the chance to open medicine in an easier way. They can also count their doses, protect the medicines from external influences and protect from cases of theft too.
There are many different types of blister packaging and choosing the right one depends on their purpose. An experienced blister packaging supplier, like Iwiz Printing for example, should have different sizes and shapes of packaging in their offer. Before you place an order you should definitely take a closer look at the purpose of your purchase – what kind of resistance do you need and which type of product these packaging will hold. There are basically two different types of blister packaging on the market – thermoformable and cold formable.
What is interesting about thermoformable blister packaging is that you can easily get the right shape. However, they don’t possess the same protective features like cold formable packaging. The reason for this is their high transparency. On the other hand, thermoformable packaging is popular because it provides a chance to present the product easier and a chance to create original shape.
Cold formable blister packaging uses pressed aluminium to create a type of case for different goods. In the end they are laminated with plastic used as a base. This packaging is more resistant to external influences, but the downside is that it can be damaged by cracks. By using a mixture of plastic and metal these situations can be avoided.
Although the material used in blister packaging is important, the way it holds the products is also very important and this element should definitely be taken into consideration. This is one of the elements that directly affect the safety of the final product. No matter if we are talking about pharmaceutical products or food, the packaging should primarily provide safety and protection. If you are able to get an attractive design too then we are talking about a winning combination. This is something that is possible if you choose a reputable blister packaging supplier like Iwiz Printing.
In case you are still wondering how blister packaging works we will summarize the production process. These blister packs use a special form, fill, seal process. There are numerous rolls of flat sheets or films that have products filled in them. Once they are filled, the packs are sealed by using the same sophisticated machine. This is an excellent way to ensure safety and authenticity in any product – pharmaceutical products, consumer goods etc.
If you are interested in this type of packaging we suggest using reliable, experienced and professional blister packaging supplier like Iwiz Printing.

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