Custom Corrugated Packaging


Flute DesignationFlute thickness (mm)
A flute4.5-5.0
B flute2.5-3.0
C flute3.5-4.0
E flute1.1-2.0
F flute0.8

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Although usually used to create boxes for distribution and shipping, corrugated materials can also be used for other purposes like pallets, storage bins and display units. Corrugated packaging is a strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly and cost-effective material that effectively protects the items from storage to shipping. If you are in need of custom corrugated packaging, you are in the right place!

Our design team will work with you to create custom corrugated packaging that meets your needs. If you need a uniquely sized or shaped box, you don’t have to look any further. We will design, manufacture, print and deliver your custom box. With our in-house capability, you are assured that we deliver on time as we don’t depend on anyone else’s schedule.
Why Use Corrugated Packaging?

Businesses use corrugated packaging to protect their products. Farmers, for instance, use corrugated packaging to transport vegetables and fruits that may be easily damaged. Corrugated containers are used by manufacturers to deliver fragile products and corrugated cardboard liners are placed between fragile items like glassware and pottery to provide extra protection. Printing shops use them to make sure that the paper materials don’t develop folded or bent edges or become creased during shipment.
Individuals also use corrugated packaging to protect perishable or fragile items that they are transporting to friends. There are a lot of options to pick from when choosing the design of your corrugated packaging like how much space you want for further padding between the inside of the box and your products, how big or small the box should be and if a corrugated divider is needed to keep the items firmly in place or layered to prevent them from rattling against one another. Regardless of the size, shape and design you want for your custom corrugated packaging, you can trust us to provide exactly what you are looking for.
Why Choose Us?

Our corrugated packaging is made from quality, sustainable materials and designed for durability to ensure your items remain safely intact. We can design the outside of your corrugated box for free. Maybe you want your company logo to appear on the box. We can include your contact information, company name or whatever you want other people to know. You are free to choose the board type, coloring, adhesives, box style and treatment you want. Our corrugated packaging is highly customizable, so you are sure to get what you really need. With us, you can:

  • Feel confident about the quality of corrugated packaging
  • Ensure the safety of your items
  • Enjoy great prices!

The materials we use are of the highest quality and follow rigorous quality standards. From furniture to fragile items like glassware, our corrugated packaging can safely protect your items. We have various types of corrugated packaging to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether your item is large and heavy or small and delicate. There’s always something that can be designed to meet your needs. If you need a container that provides cost-effectiveness, durability and versatility, you know there’s one name you can trust. We can also help your packaging reflect your brand. Our free design service ensures that your packaging stands out from the crowd.

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