Free Packaging Design

packaging boxEvery business owner understands the importance of product packaging, and how it is an extension of the business and its brand. Perception is a key element in marketing a product and ensuring that it sells. Choosing your package template and design will assist in describing your products and impact your professional image, therefore the appearance must leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Consumers are drawn to eye-catching packaging designs. It is important to design your package with your customer in mind. Remember, you have 2.6 seconds to make an impression on someone scanning packaging, and entice them to pick up your product. With so many competitors, how do you create a visually appealing package? Here are a few design elements to consider:

  • Do your homework. Research your competitors and know what you want for your brand. It will be easier for you to define your brand and then transform that to your package design.
  • Understand that you will most likely not create a design for your package overnight. Most will create the design, test it, review it and make modifications. Trying to create a design “out of the box” or “on the fly” typically do not work and end up in a costly mistake.
  • Keep in mind that you do not need to flood your package design with images and content. Sometimes, less is more, and can be visually more attractive to your customers. Remember your customer is scanning your package, not reading everything there is to know about it. Some of the most memorable packaging design are very simple and elegant.
  • Include at least one feature on your package. Features typically sell the product. You need to show the customer, what is in it for me.
  • Balancing the design is crucial! Having the right mixture of colors, images, and text, are key elements when considering your design. Your design must flow well and keep a balance so to attract your customer’s eye.

Now that you have considered how to design your package template, it is time to pull the entire project together. Our company can help you not only choose the right template for your business needs, but we can also help you design your package. We can help you design a product that will really stand out with crisp graphics, concise detailing, and great attention to detail!

Designing your package is critical in its success on the market. Don’t leave the design of your package to chance, contact us today to see how we can help you design the perfect package for your business needs.