Folding Gift Bag

If you are sending a gift which did not come in a box, this folding gift bag is a perfect way to wrap it in style, without it seeming like a crumpled mess. It will come as a plain square or rectangular paper sheet, which you can turn into a beautiful folding gift bag with just a few origami like folds. This bag works really well for baked goods, stuffed toys, handmade chocolates and almost anything else that you want to give as a gift to your loved ones.

This folding gift bag is fully collapsible, and proves to be a perfect wrap to carry gift items

  • gifts that did not come with a box or package
  • gifts that are old, and you want to give it a new packaging
  • handmade or homemade gifts that do not come with a package
  • oddly shaped gifts that you want to present neatly

  • just any gift that you want to hand over with style and cuteness

With cute designs and available in a myriad of attractive colors, these folding gift bags are travel necessaries for all. Keep it in your suitcase, and turn it into an easy-to-carry bag whenever you are in need. Suppose you are going for a picnic. You can carry your eatables in this folding gift bag, unfold it and use it as a sheet to sit upon or place your picnic items on when you reach the destination, and then fold up again when its time to come back home.Made of sturdy material, this folding gift bag can carry good amount of weight, depending on its size.