Custom Wall Decals

  • Custom_Wall_Decals_transparent_3DFreshly painted walls sure look nice, but this feeling will certainly fade away quickly because plain walls are not very entertaining. This is where custom wall decals come into play. You can make any wall in any room look more attractive and interesting without any difficulties by using unique wall decals like the ones we have in our offer. The options are limitless – for example, you can choose some picture, get it enlarged and use it as a wall decal. A picture of you and your partner, your child, some interesting moment in your life or your cute little pet can beautify your walls. Many people use custom wall decals as presents too.
  • All your ideas and concepts can be customized in the way you want. Any picture that you send to IWIZ Print can be converted into a unique piece of art that can be used on your walls. Of course, we can work together with you if you have some specific wishes like removal of the background or adding some additional effects or details on the existing image (like adding stars, butterflies etc.). We have a professional team of designers that have already helped dozens of people with custom wall decals.
  • custom_removable_wall_decalsSince we are a company that uses the latest technology and implements the latest trends, we are proud to say that we can produce 3D effects on custom wall decals. This is surely something that will not only make your room look more beautiful, but it will also add another dimension in any room you have.
  • There are a lot of people who want to decorate their home before some of the major holidays. We have already worked on wall decals for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and many other holidays. You can check our work on the images. Some of the designs were created by our designers while some of them were sent by our customers. In both cases the results were fantastic!
  • Custom wall decals are often used in child’s rooms too. There are many different options when it comes to decoration of child’s rooms. Some kids are interested in sports, so you can choose some popular athlete or the logo of their favorite team. Of course, if the kid is younger, you can choose images from their favorite cartoon characters or certain toys. You can also add an image of your child in some interesting surrounding like space, exotic places etc. All these things will make your child very happy. What is even better is the fact that these custom wall decals are inexpensive and they can be easily installed and replaced.
  • Adding personal photography on wall decals is another popular way to beautify your personal space. In addition, people use beautiful collages from several photos.
  • The custom wall decals made by IWIZ Print are completely safe and they won’t leave any damage on your walls. They are removable and made of durable material. They can be used in your home, office and any other closed space.