Custom Cardboard VR

  • Virtual reality is getting very popular these days because the rapid advance of technology has allowed many companies to come up with some excellent virtual reality (VR) products. Of course, as one of the leading tech companies, Google has decided to introduce their own device known as Google Cardboard. What makes this device and platform different is the fact that it is inexpensive and it can be constructed even at our homes. Google has issued the specifications on their website with an easy step-by-step guide. All you need to do is to put your smartphone in the box and view the content through the lenses located in the front.
  • In case you don’t have much time to create such device, you can always buy a pre-manufactured one like the ones offered by Iwiz Print. Before we go into details and describe Iwiz Print’s cardboards, let’s highlight few more facts about Google Cardboard.
  • Google Cardboard headsets are created from simple, inexpensive elements. The basic goal is to allow every individual to get a glimpse of the world of virtual reality without spending a fortune on this activity. Google Cardboard is made of a piece of cardboard that comes in a specific shape, magnets, 45 mm focal length lenses, a fastener, a rubber band and an NFC (near field communication) tag which is optional. When the headset is assembled, users should place a smartphone inside the cardboard and use the fastening device to keep it stable. A special app designed for Google Cardboard creates a split display, one image for every eye. As a result of that, viewers can watch 3D images and enjoy the world of virtual reality. According to some statistics, more than 20 million people have used the opportunity to enjoy virtual reality thanks to Google Cardboard. Of course, there are some other VR headsets, but they can be quite expensive.
  • Although creating your own Google Cardboard headset can be fun, it is the best idea to buy a premade one. In this way, you can save both money and time. Iwiz Print is a leading printing company that has Google Cardboards in their offer. These cardboards cost only $2.99 and we can all agree that this is extremely cheap especially for a device that has so much potential. Of course, different manufacturers have different variations of this Cardboard, but Iwiz Print has found the ideal cardboard that has the potential to create some fantastic virtual reality displays.
  • On top of that, Iwiz Print offers custom services. This means that you can ask our team to create cardboards with special designs. Instead of a plain design, you can get a Google Cardboard design that looks visually attractive and has different patterns on it.
  • Since this product is so cheap, Iwiz Print has decided to set a minimum order quantity. The MOQ for this great product is 10. Google Cardboard will definitely develop and improve in the future, so investing in a gadget like this is an investment in the future.

 Basic product information

MaterialWhite/brown Kraft paper: 80gsm - 250gsm
C2S art paper: 157gsm - 400gsm
ivory board/card(FBB): 190gsm - 400gsm
wood free paper: 60gsm - 350gsm
white board (CCNB): 230gsm - 550gsm
black paper: 80gsm - 350gsm
Silver card paper, gold card paper, etc.
ColorsCMYK full color offset printing,any PMS color.
Finishingglossy/matt lamination, oil varnishing, UV coating, hot gold/silver stamping, embossed, debossed, etc.
AccessoryRibbon & Bow,Magnet,Fabric,Flocking,Foam,EVA,Blister ,Transparent Window or as per your requirement,
SizeAccording to customers' specific requirements. such as length* width* height in centimeters or inches.
MOQ1000pcs,the price is affected by quantity directly.


  • we have professional designers to help with simple information such as logo and some images.
  • Custom the sample need some cost that according your design.
  • The sample production time is 3-7 days.
  • DHL, UPS, TNT, FeDEx, BY sea, etc. 3 to 5 workdays of express delivery. 10 to 30 workdays by sea.
  • Accept several kinds of payment methods.Such as T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, and so on.
  • We can use the AI. JPG. PDF. CDR. file.(send to
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