Print Calendar

note_desk_calendar_print_calendarIf you have been contemplating what to use for a promotional item for your business, consider using promotional print calendars. Print calendars allow you to be creative in your design and have many advantages in marketing your business.

  • Calendars are used by a large population of businesses and individuals. Think of all of the places that you see a calendar – stores, homes, offices, banks, and more.
  • The visual design of a calendar can be nice to look at. Creativity is designing your calendar is a great way to showcase your business services and products.
  • The cost of a promotional calendar is very cost effective. Calendars come in a variety of sizes and shapes, leaving you with a variety of choices, sure to fit your budget needs.
  • Printing promotional calendars is an easy job for printing companies. Not only can they print your calendars quickly, but they can also help you with designing your calendar.
  • Promotional calendars make a great gift for clients, customers, sales and marketing pieces.
  • Calendars are possibly the best marketing piece you can print. Not only can you create unique designs, but they market your business for 12 full months. Your business will be front and central for 365 days!
  • People still use calendars on a daily basis. They are functional and used for a variety of reasons by businesses and individuals alike.
  • Because of their low printing costs, calendars make great direct mail pieces. They can be mailed directly to current clients and customers, as well as used for direct mail marketing pieces. You can also leave extra calendars at other local businesses for new customers to pick up, generating new business.
  • A promotional calendar puts your information in front of your customer or potential customer. By including your logo, address, phone number, email address and website information, you are giving your customers the tools needed to contact you anytime.
  • Putting a call to action on your calendar is a great marketing tool. This will encourage your customers to purchase your products or services and take advantages of specials and discounts.

As you can see, promotional print calendars are a very popular business item. Whether you use as a giveaway at a trade show, a gift to current customers, or mail to potential clients as a direct mail piece, promotional print calendars are a cost effective marketing piece.

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